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氣慎塾Worldwide-Teaching.FB.Icon.jpg"Worldwide Teaching of Aiki-Jujutsu"...This dojo offers practice of an ancient style of Jujutsu which represents traditional budo. Starting from the mastery of good etiquette in order to polish one's spirit, practice also aims at building a sound body and mind, while being able to defend oneself against unreasonable aggression using techniques. These days, ancient Jujutsu has particularly gained interest outside Japan. Many foreign students came to Japan in order to study authentic Jujutsu. This statement also applies to our school. Kishin -Juku has for policy to welcome foreign students and makes no discrimination whatsoever in the transmission of knowledge and technique. We believe it is benefical to enrich each another in our growth and pursuit of knowledge.

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The seminar for all the people who interested in Aiki-Jujutsu.

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The seminar for the people who Aiki-budo beginner and interested in Kishinjuku Aiki-Jujutsu!
It will be organize every month in Tokyo, Akabane city.

Kishinjuku News!!

*氣慎塾 Seminar Report in Poland & Germany 2016

Kishinjuku organized 3rd. Seminar In Poland, 15th, 16th October 2016. And then 1st. Seminar In Germany, 22nd, 23rd October 2016.

*氣慎塾 Kishinjuku New Branch Dojo in London

I would like to introduce " New branch dojo in England ", and Salur Onural is new Kyoden-Dairi. He teaches Kishinjuku Aiki-Jujutsu in Tokuei Kan, London.

”November 2016" Opening Dojo in London!!

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*氣慎塾 Kishinjuku New Branch Dojo in Belgium

I would like to introduce " New branch dojo in Belgium ", and Stephan Beken is new Kyoden-Dairi. He teaches Kishinjuku Aiki-Jujutsu in Ouen dojo, Belgium.

”September 2016" Opening Dojo in Belgium!!

*氣慎塾 Kishinjuku New Branch Dojo in Osaka, Japan

氣慎塾大阪支部でもある金澤秀明教伝代理の道場 "柔術 Art of self-defense" です。 I would like to introduce you FB page of Hideaki Kanazawa's Dojo " 柔術 Art of self-defense" in Osaka, Japan. He also new and first Kyoden-Dairi of Kishinjuku in Japan.

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*氣慎塾 Kishinjuku article published

Kishinjuku article published in the " AIKIDO" Magazine in France.

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